Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am not a Hater

I’m not a hater.  I believe in God’s definition of marriage.  I believe that no matter what you do or what laws you pass, whether it’s in the name of freedom or equality, that God, the creator of the Universe and all that is within it, defined marriage as between one man and one woman.  I believe that since the beginning of time man has tried to deny God’s existence by making our own rules, by fulfilling the desires of our flesh. And that fleshly desire is defiled by heterosexuals the same as homosexuals, by going against God’s design for our lives, by thinking that we know better than the one who made us.

I do not believe that disagreeing with you is hate.  It is simply not agreeing.

I also believe that whether or not you acknowledge that God even exists, He does.  And I believe that there is power in the name of Jesus, power to save.  May each of us come to a true knowledge of the one living God.  Knowledge of His love for our very souls, for our heart, and that His rules are not to keep you down, to repress you, but to set you FREE!  

Monday, April 8, 2013

Work Lessons

It was barely a week after "the big let down", as I call it, and my dad had me up on the roof helping him to re-roof the house.   I was hauling those huge bundles of shingles up a ladder and laying them down for him to nail.  Now that was work.  Real physical labor. It was that labor, sweat and muscle, that got me through one of the toughest times of my life.  

That type of physical labor is still what sustains me when I am running on empty.  When I say, "God I need you", He usually meets me on a walk or a hike, at the end of myself, when I am physically exhausted, He is there.  When I can no longer run except into His arms, there He is waiting.  And He waits patiently too.  He knows me so well, it is the Lord that says, "Go for a walk," because He alone knows where that takes me...straight to Him.   

I have come to end of myself mentally as of late.  Work has been a daunting reality that takes up every moment of each day.  Because even when I am at home, I am preparing for the next round.  Sometimes I can't even remember my name, seriously.  My mind has been stretched in a hundred different directions all at once, yet my body craves the physical exertion that will calm and sooth my mind.  

Today being another one of those days.  One of eight days remaining in this round.  I thought when I awoke that that fact alone would be enough to get me through, but it was not to be.  Again the Lord took a walk with me and showed me how caught up in the world my mind was.  And it was through that quiet time with Him that my soul was soothed and refreshed.  

These next few days will be crazy, then it will be over until next year.  There will be tears, there always are when overwhelmed, but the end is finally in sight.  Praise God for seeing us through and for knowing what I need.  For making a way and being there the whole time.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

A  day with my baby, hiking the back country of our beautiful San Gabriel mountains.  I have a love for the Crystal Lake area that I can't describe nor contain.  Maybe it's the time spent here as a kid, maybe it's the time spent here as a young adult.  Then maybe it's just the sheer beauty of mature pine trees, squirrels, gentle breezes and God's glory at its best here on Earth that make my heart sing. This place has it all and its where we spent our Saturday.  It took us two hours to walk the 2.5 miles from the parking area to Windy Gap.  Two hours uphill with nearly 2000' gain in elevation.  But it was worth every step.  Even today as my body is stiff from yesterday's exertion, my heart is still relaxed and singing of the joy felt as we reached the top.  Looking up toward our destination we could see snow still clinging onto the ridge.  Once we arrived, looking north, there were still plenty of snowy patches hiding from sunlight, in the shadow of those beautiful pine trees making its hold on spring, reluctant to see winter come to an end.  Plenty of cool strong gust of wind blew past us at the ridge refreshing body, mind and soul.  As it came time to head back down I understood all too well why the snow hid in the shadows.  Maybe if I hid away somewhere I too would never have to leave this place.

But my life isn't that of a snow drift, I have family, a husband, a daughter, a job...the job, that's what has me wanting to stay.  The job, the stress I am today escaping, awaits me on Monday.  Yet today is today, the day the Lord has made, for me to enjoy, to refresh in the rest of His Almightiness.  And the day the Lord has made also.  A gift of another kind.  Provision.  A chance to serve and share the Love My Lord has shown me.  If I were to stay I could declare the wonders of God and cry out with the rocks, that'd be glorious.  Yet, God has given me my job as a blessing.  An opportunity to love and share and bless in return.

We head down heart happy body tired and sparked with new drive and purpose.  Ready to hit the world head on, ready to bless.  God's opportunities are never far away, in fact for us they were waiting back at the parking area.  Lord you never cease to amaze.  First you ready my soul then you hand me a chance to give back.  Almost as if asking, "How much did you really learn?"

I hope I did not fail you Father.  Your blessing are so immense I never want to squander what you have for me, for other's who cross my path in life. Thank you for the chance to enjoy, bask in your Omnipotence, and then the moments you afford for us to give back by being of service to another.  Thank you for time with my baby, thank you for sending me home a more peaceful hearted wife, a gentler soul having met you on the mountain top.  My face always glows for a few days afterward reminding me of when Moses spoke to you on the mountain and your bright glory, unable to be looked at head on, made his face face shine.  That is me today, tomorrow and prayerfully forever, body, mind and soul.  Help me Lord to hold onto your promises throughout my week, to be a blessing, to share your mighty works, this beautiful life and your wondrous Son.  Amen.