Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tax Help

I know that a lot of us are hurting, out of work, or our work has been cut and are in need of some inexpensive, if not free, advice on filing your tax return for 2010. So I thought I’d pass on a few tips and tidbits of information that may be useful in filing your tax return this year.

First and foremost, please pray and trust the Lord to provide fully for you in your situation. Sometimes in our money shortfalls we are tempted to take matters into our own hands and embellish some deductions that are not ours to take. Remember, nothing is hidden from God. He has a plan to bring you through this and will be faithful to do so. And because He is God, He only needs us to be faithful in our trust of Him and who He is.

With that said here are a few website sites you may find useful:

Believe it or not, the government does want to help you and you can file your tax return for free on their website. You can also call them for help in filling out the tax return. One thing that is important, any information that they provide to you you should get in writing. Whether they send it to you in an email or by snail mail, get it in writing and hold on to it. That way if you are ever the target of an audit or they say that you owe a different amount of tax you can show them that you did as they had advised and you will not be liable for that amount. Of course that only applies to any advice they give, not to the whole return. But its helpful to know nonetheless.
Also, for the IRS they recommend calling them in the evening when the rest of the United States offices are closed. Calling during the day will have you on hold for quite some time.
For low income families there is an Earned Income Credit that is available on the IRS Tax Form. The IRS reports that many families don't know about this credit that puts money back into your hands. In some families it could add up to about $5000.00 each year. Call the IRS and ask them about it. This is money they have made available to help us. Take advantage of it. That what its there for.

And for small businesses there is free help also:
This is the website for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). They provide all types of FREE training, counseling, resources, etc. The consulting is one hour each but is unlimited. You can get as much help from them as you need. They even have free QuickBooks training, other accounting companies charge $75-150 per hour for this service. Whether you are new in business or struggling, they are there to help. As are all of the government sites.

God bless you. I hope this information provides you with some other alternatives to filing your tax returns and seeking the help you need.