Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is a story I receive from a group we belong to called "Christian Surfers". This young man's story made me cry and made my heart swell at the same time. Praying it does your heart the same and more...


Micah Ramsey's Message

Another New Year is around the corner. In 2010 what will be your focus? Where will your priorities lie? Take your lead from 15 year old Micah Ramsey (who takes his lead from Jesus). Micah has been battling Ewing’s Sarcoma – a rare and aggressive cancer. His words were published on the front page of his local paper and are repeated here.

“We as Human beings were created by God to worship and glorify HIM. It is what we are designed to do. God also has had a plan for us since before we were born. Apparently one of His plans for my life is that I am to fight cancer. This is so that I can glorify and serve Him in some way. I don’t know what this way is. What He is doing, I’m sure, my simple mind cannot fathom. God is all-knowing and I am not. He is going to be GREATLY glorified through me fighting cancer. Not because I’m some great person, but because He is a great, mighty, and totally awesome God. God has my life in His hands, and He can do whatever He thinks best. I know this sounds like the best “churchy” answer, but I want you to know that this came straight from my heart.

Yes, I am not comfortable, I hurt, I’m not sleeping very well, but God is doing what He needs to do through my life. People are being drawn closer to God through this; His will is being done. That is the most important thing right now. I will endure pain for Him; He has endured the ultimate for me. The Lord is working through all this and HE WILL BE GREATLY GLORIFIED!!!!”

-On Dec 10 Christian Surfers sent an email to Micah to encourage him that his story would be going around the world through CS and that it would bless and challenge many. His Dad said that it put a huge smile on his face and he said, "I told you God was going to use this cancer for His glory." That was the last email he read. On Dec 12 Micah went home to be with his Savior.