Saturday, December 11, 2010

This morning I went for a walk.  I couldn’t get away from this overwhelming appreciation for the beauty that God has surrounded us by.  I had my camera phone with me and every chance I got I was clicking away.  The fall colors that are so rare in California were abound, flowers are still blooming and God’s people in all stages of life and spirit were just amazing to me.  He loves us all so much and we, even at our closest moments with the Lord, still have no idea at the intimate care He takes with each and everyone.
I felt a little silly taking all of these photos while others were walking by seemed oblivious to what surrounds them.  I don't know why, but I did.  I little self conscious I suppose.  When I finally quit feeling that way and just started shooting pictures a little old man who’d been walking behind me caught up and as he passed he patted my shoulder as if to say “I know”.  He saw it too!  Man I started to cry.  Why would I feel silly for not being able to get enough of God, in any respect.  It happens so easily and so slight of hand.  Anyway, my walk was so enjoyable.  My closeness with the Love of my Life is so much richer having experienced His creation and feeling first hand His love for me.  
I'm still enjoying these photos.  I hope you enjoy them too! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean Miners

I just watched one of the miners in Chile being pulled out of the mine after being trapped for 60+ days. 

What struck me...when he went to his knees to thank God, before anything else.  Some might baulk that his family wasn't greeted first, but his loyalty to thank God first and formost was awesome and correct.  It brought tears to my eyes.

Then I began to think and wonder how many people were down there that didn't know the Lord and do now because they were ministered to.  How nothing is by chance, its all God ordained.  Whether we are in prison, in a mine or sitting behind our desk at work.  We have an incredible opportunity to share the gospel and witness to people. 

Then I thanked God for letting me see this.  For this one who ministered to me just now.  Praise the Lord for His goodness, praise our God, He is the One who Saves.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is my baby when she was 11 months old. Looking at these pictures reminds me of so many things. Not the least of which is how God blesses us even when we are denying His existance. I can't believe that at this time in my life, with this cute little bundle of blessing I was in total denial. So funny because that's not what I planned on blogging about, just an observation that popped in my head.

My thoughts with these pics were more along the lines of my parents and the wonderful home they made for us to grow up in. Getting to share that same home with my baby for a time and compounding the love that nourished us here for so long. I hope the new owner's can feel the history, the lessons and the Lord's presence in this home.

My mom used to mark our height on the inside of the pantry door, we left that behind for the new people to discover when the house sold more than ten years ago. And we used to have a pool in the same spot my mom is planting in in the last photo.

I remember bringing stray cats home and asking to keep them, always promising to find them a real home if I could just love them until then. Actually got to keep two of them. Dad must've got tired of saying no. Sorry dad.

So many things happen here, good and bad, that although I'm not going to take the time to write them all here, they are part of what has made my life, my heart, the way I see others, and the love I feel for my parents. You see, I know what and who I was when my baby was born and so did they, but by the grace of God alone they loved me through it. They prayed for me when they had no hope at all and God not only pulled me through, but sustained and grew their faith too.

When I look at these pictures I feel joy and sadness, they move me to tears for so many reason. The one I don't want to even think about is my parents and their age. Mom can't garden any more and dad is still going but going slower. I know someday they will be with the Lord and then these moments, like sharing a soda with his granddaughter, will be even more precious. And that we should let tomorrow's worry belong to tomorrow, so Lord I'm not going to worry about tomorrow, it will take care of itself, but please don't let a moment go by where I don't appreciate every facet of my life and who you've placed in it. They are all but seasons and gone far to quickly.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last night was awesome.

Did you feel the spirit moving? I did.

I was invited to a baptism. My parents were there, my brother, his wife and son and daughter, myself, Tov and Chrystal.

Forty kids were getting baptized. One of them, and the reason I was there, is my 16 year old niece, Sarah. It was amazing. We worshipped, had a message from the Pastor, then each of the forty stood up to tell us why they were being baptized, to proclaim themselves a child of God. I was watching my dad as he listened to each one, the smile on his face bringing tears to my eyes. Then Sarah stood up and proclaimed a new life in Christ and went outside to wait her turn to be fully submerged in water. What she didn't know, maybe she did, she may have been watching from just outside the door, was that after about three calls from the Pastor of whether there was anyone else in the audience who hadn't planned on it but that the Holy Spirit was moving who wanted to make a change in their life forever, who wanted to be baptised, her mom Tina stood up and took a step of faith. A step that will heal her hurts on the inside and remove stains of sins. A new beginning, a brighter future, an eternity with our Father.

Not only did I get to witness my neice and sister-in-law's baptism, there were sixty nine all together by the time we were through. Sixty nine new soldiers of Christ. Oh the party in heaven last night as the angels rejoiced. I can imagine because I know what we were feeling here on Earth.

I was blessed last night beyond measure having the privledge of watching these two beautiful women go into the water together. I feel like I am glowing like Moses when he came down the mountain after speaking with God. It doesn't get much more personal than this. Prayer works, God happens, and when it does you won't be able to find your feet.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I woke up this morning feeling crudy. My whole body feels like its been run over by a truck. I have less then a month before my procedure to shrink the fibroid tumors in my stomach but my mood this morning was bitter. My belly is swollen, my back hurts, my legs are killing me and my attitude stinks. Not the kind of blog you want to read is it. Its not the kind of truth I want anyone to know about me either.

I got mad when I opened the freezer and icecubes fell everywhere, even madder when I opened a new package of bread only to find it was already opened and needs to be returned to the store. Then I just chucked it. A few minutes later my husband walks out of the room to ask whats wrong and I tell him I'm having a bad day, that I'm sick of bad days and he just holds me and loves me while I cry. And I realize God is holding me, letting me release all the pent up stuff, getting me to a point that I can once again bring it to Him and leave it there. Tov wasn't mad that I was acting like a child, he just wanted to make it better, and he did. Just by being himself and loving me.

I was able to go out on the patio with my bible and my book "The Power of a Praying Wife". I sat and prayed for my attitude, for my pain. I prayed for forgiveness and thanked the Lord for the beautiful morning I didn't even see a moment before. I prayed for God to help me to change today, I know He doesn't want to see me failing so easily, that I am to rest in Him and this morning I was falling. And yet He loves me anyway. Does it really get any better than this? It does, on top of His provision and Love and support and the people He uses everyday in our lives we have the promise of heaven. Of living forever in His presence.

What was my problem this morning? I can't even remember.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Never doubt His love, His strength, His power.
Never go a day without His guidance, without seeking His face.
Would you go a day without telling your spouse that you love them? Exactly.
Take the time, its well worth the journey.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Yesterday a woman passed away. The few but profound words of her husband have changed me.

I have known and loved Jesus my savior for about eight years now. Of course He has loved me all along and kept me out of more trouble than I could come up with by myself. Not that I didn't try really hard; but that's another blog.

Her name is Karen Stewart. She is Pastor Jeff Stewart's wife from Calvary Chapel Pomona Valley. I only met her once when she spoke at our women's gathering at church. She was beautiful and vibrant and shone of God. You could see it in her eyes, the windows to her soul. She spoke about the hard stuff we all go through and how God uses all of it to win our hearts to Him.

So when I read that she had passed on yesterday I cried, but not because of the family's loss, because of their gain, because of Pastor Jeff's words: "...we just sang Karen into the arms of Jesus..." how beautiful! All I could think was that's how I want to go, worshipping my creator who I will meet any moment. That's how I want my parents and Tov's parents to go. I want to be standing there singing them into the arms of our wonderful Lord.

I've given thought to this before. It never struck me as it has this time. I feel like...I'm ashamed to say I finally get "it". I feel a renewed spirit in my life. Yesterday the Lord had Victory in a believer's life and it has lead to victory in mine.

Thank you Pastor Jeff and Karen Stewart. Your face in the midst of adversity has changed me and I am sure coutless others. I pray my life can effect another in the same way.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I just reread my post from October of last year. It ends with being excited to see the next chapter in life. And that chapter so far is a wonderful one. I haven't written in a long time, not for lack of things to share, I just haven't had the time.

God is moving so much in our lives. He's teaching me to wait on His timing, a lesson that I am very greatful for. I'm learning to be happy with what I have and not to covet more. Which honestly hasn't been hard. My goodness, He has given me so much and I am so undeserving and overwhelmingly praisefilled for. This man that is now my husband has taken on the role of father and husband with such care and deligence. His love for us overflows in everything he does. Even when working overtime he takes time to come home and have dinner with us, even though that means working longer. We cry together and pray together, we hold each other and love together. I have never felt so taken care of and warm and secure. To the Lord be all the praise. He has formed this man into one extraordinary husband and father.

My baby girl (yes, she'll always be my baby) has adjusted so well too. You can see that she now has security too. She adores her dad, loves to share her day with him, even when she's knows she didn't respond right in a situation at school, even in the midst of trying to cover it up by making light of it, still she opens her heart because she trusts him with everything. Her heart has flourished and grown in the past eight months as she has experience the love of an earthly father that she could only pray for in the past. Again, all glory to the Father. He has answered above and beyond what either of us could have ever prayed for. And we prayed, believe me. Chrystal prayed for Octavio specifically to be her dad and God answered. Lord you are good.

Thank you Father for being the author of my life, no one could've written it better. Please bless others as you have my family and bring them to a point where their sight is not hindered by the darkness that life can bring. Father, may we all focus on your love and light and shine for all to see. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen!