Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last night was awesome.

Did you feel the spirit moving? I did.

I was invited to a baptism. My parents were there, my brother, his wife and son and daughter, myself, Tov and Chrystal.

Forty kids were getting baptized. One of them, and the reason I was there, is my 16 year old niece, Sarah. It was amazing. We worshipped, had a message from the Pastor, then each of the forty stood up to tell us why they were being baptized, to proclaim themselves a child of God. I was watching my dad as he listened to each one, the smile on his face bringing tears to my eyes. Then Sarah stood up and proclaimed a new life in Christ and went outside to wait her turn to be fully submerged in water. What she didn't know, maybe she did, she may have been watching from just outside the door, was that after about three calls from the Pastor of whether there was anyone else in the audience who hadn't planned on it but that the Holy Spirit was moving who wanted to make a change in their life forever, who wanted to be baptised, her mom Tina stood up and took a step of faith. A step that will heal her hurts on the inside and remove stains of sins. A new beginning, a brighter future, an eternity with our Father.

Not only did I get to witness my neice and sister-in-law's baptism, there were sixty nine all together by the time we were through. Sixty nine new soldiers of Christ. Oh the party in heaven last night as the angels rejoiced. I can imagine because I know what we were feeling here on Earth.

I was blessed last night beyond measure having the privledge of watching these two beautiful women go into the water together. I feel like I am glowing like Moses when he came down the mountain after speaking with God. It doesn't get much more personal than this. Prayer works, God happens, and when it does you won't be able to find your feet.