Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am not a Hater

I’m not a hater.  I believe in God’s definition of marriage.  I believe that no matter what you do or what laws you pass, whether it’s in the name of freedom or equality, that God, the creator of the Universe and all that is within it, defined marriage as between one man and one woman.  I believe that since the beginning of time man has tried to deny God’s existence by making our own rules, by fulfilling the desires of our flesh. And that fleshly desire is defiled by heterosexuals the same as homosexuals, by going against God’s design for our lives, by thinking that we know better than the one who made us.

I do not believe that disagreeing with you is hate.  It is simply not agreeing.

I also believe that whether or not you acknowledge that God even exists, He does.  And I believe that there is power in the name of Jesus, power to save.  May each of us come to a true knowledge of the one living God.  Knowledge of His love for our very souls, for our heart, and that His rules are not to keep you down, to repress you, but to set you FREE!  

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