Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thank You

I finally feel like this chapter of pain and healing are coming to a close.  Thank you Father!  Notice I said this chapter.  I realize another will be just around the corner and that will be fine too.  The lessons learned through this season are too numerous to count.  Yet they were incredible.  We have learned to lean on the Lord more through this then any other time or trial in our lives.  The trust built in our relationship with God our Father has deepened.  That alone would have been plenty, but He is so good to us.  We were blessed with dinners, help with our bills, prayer and hearts that truelly cared.  Thank you everyone of you.

I am sure that in the course of our lives we will be reminded of each blessing, each lesson.  God has a way of building our hearts stronger upon each trial.  They aren't just random happenstance with no meaning.  Even for those who don't believe, it's still God who is leading your life, calling your name, waiting for you to see that He was there all along.

I've been back to work for two months now.  Just last week me and my baby took a hike that I haven't been able to even look at for almost two years.  Walking through the mountains, the towering pines, I felt like I was finally back.  Able to move and do the things that I love so dearly.  All praise to my wonderful healer!

What's ahead?  Been working out and trying to get back to my before weight and it seems to be going pretty well.  I am bound and determined to get back to 'me'.  My goal is 20 pounds and as of last Saturday I had lost five. 

We have a wonderful new kitten, her name is Xena.  She was dropped off at hubbies work while I was off work during the summer.  We nursed her back to health and when there were no takers my beautiful husband asked if we could take her home.  So that's where she is.  That entire situation was another blessing...  I had this whole in my heart after surgery.  I was trying to ignore it, but you know when you physically can't have babies anymore you feel kindof empty.  It really stinks.  I was beginning to wonder if I needed to talk to someone.  Then this little furball was dumped off and I spent on hour or two everyday at his work just being the momma to this little orphan.  I prayed for her health and thanking the Lord for this cute little distraction.  It was perfectly what both of us needed and God knew it.  So she came home.  Guess we got a baby afterall.

Until next time...count your blessings, you'll be surprised at how much God has seen you through lately.

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