Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So this is a little crazy. Other people getting to read the babbling that goes on in my head, hmmm. Wondering if this was a good idea. I guess its only babble when the Lord's not involved. Fortunately for me He is and I am blessed to be His child. So two more months and the day I have waited for like forever will be here. God will join us as man and wife and a complete new journey will begin. I am exciting beyond expresssion. I have waited a long time to be blessed with this man as my husband. He is good, God fearing, and filled with love. He loves my daughter and she has immense respect for him. Who could ask for more. Thank you Father, thank you that you care for me enough to see my tears, to fill my life with such joy, for calling me, of all people, your friend.

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