Monday, August 3, 2009

How do I share my excitement? I am five days away from being join as husband and wife to the man I prayed for. Its almost like I told God what I was looking for and He molded this man into that and more. How do I declare what God has done for me, how He is blessing me, how He is knocking my socks off as we speak? I have no misnomers about how tough marriage can be. I've been watching others and studying God's word for the answers. My biggest fear is that I will disappoint this man I love, even disappoint Jesus my savior in how I treat my husband. My love had some good insight into this, he told me its guaranteed that we will at some point let each other down, but that fear is good. It shows we care deeply for one another and for the Lord.

Father, may we always look to please you. Not wanting to please our own desires but to do your will alone. May loving one another the way you have intended all along be so fulfilling we desire nothing else. Lord, bless this week ahead, our plans, our family, those attending and those who can not make it. Our fondest wish and hope is to glorify you in all that we do. May others see that in our actions, may we be quick to see our failings, quick to ask for forgiveness and even quicker to forgive. Father, I can hardly sit still. Please also help me to work well this week, to work as though I was working for you and not for man. I can never thank you enough, and yet you bless me just the same. Use me today, may any interuptions to my days and plans be those of opportunity to share your truth. Prepare my heart to receive all that you have to give. Thank you Lord. Amen.

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