Monday, April 8, 2013

Work Lessons

It was barely a week after "the big let down", as I call it, and my dad had me up on the roof helping him to re-roof the house.   I was hauling those huge bundles of shingles up a ladder and laying them down for him to nail.  Now that was work.  Real physical labor. It was that labor, sweat and muscle, that got me through one of the toughest times of my life.  

That type of physical labor is still what sustains me when I am running on empty.  When I say, "God I need you", He usually meets me on a walk or a hike, at the end of myself, when I am physically exhausted, He is there.  When I can no longer run except into His arms, there He is waiting.  And He waits patiently too.  He knows me so well, it is the Lord that says, "Go for a walk," because He alone knows where that takes me...straight to Him.   

I have come to end of myself mentally as of late.  Work has been a daunting reality that takes up every moment of each day.  Because even when I am at home, I am preparing for the next round.  Sometimes I can't even remember my name, seriously.  My mind has been stretched in a hundred different directions all at once, yet my body craves the physical exertion that will calm and sooth my mind.  

Today being another one of those days.  One of eight days remaining in this round.  I thought when I awoke that that fact alone would be enough to get me through, but it was not to be.  Again the Lord took a walk with me and showed me how caught up in the world my mind was.  And it was through that quiet time with Him that my soul was soothed and refreshed.  

These next few days will be crazy, then it will be over until next year.  There will be tears, there always are when overwhelmed, but the end is finally in sight.  Praise God for seeing us through and for knowing what I need.  For making a way and being there the whole time.  

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