Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is my baby when she was 11 months old. Looking at these pictures reminds me of so many things. Not the least of which is how God blesses us even when we are denying His existance. I can't believe that at this time in my life, with this cute little bundle of blessing I was in total denial. So funny because that's not what I planned on blogging about, just an observation that popped in my head.

My thoughts with these pics were more along the lines of my parents and the wonderful home they made for us to grow up in. Getting to share that same home with my baby for a time and compounding the love that nourished us here for so long. I hope the new owner's can feel the history, the lessons and the Lord's presence in this home.

My mom used to mark our height on the inside of the pantry door, we left that behind for the new people to discover when the house sold more than ten years ago. And we used to have a pool in the same spot my mom is planting in in the last photo.

I remember bringing stray cats home and asking to keep them, always promising to find them a real home if I could just love them until then. Actually got to keep two of them. Dad must've got tired of saying no. Sorry dad.

So many things happen here, good and bad, that although I'm not going to take the time to write them all here, they are part of what has made my life, my heart, the way I see others, and the love I feel for my parents. You see, I know what and who I was when my baby was born and so did they, but by the grace of God alone they loved me through it. They prayed for me when they had no hope at all and God not only pulled me through, but sustained and grew their faith too.

When I look at these pictures I feel joy and sadness, they move me to tears for so many reason. The one I don't want to even think about is my parents and their age. Mom can't garden any more and dad is still going but going slower. I know someday they will be with the Lord and then these moments, like sharing a soda with his granddaughter, will be even more precious. And that we should let tomorrow's worry belong to tomorrow, so Lord I'm not going to worry about tomorrow, it will take care of itself, but please don't let a moment go by where I don't appreciate every facet of my life and who you've placed in it. They are all but seasons and gone far to quickly.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Looking at pics of my dad when he was younger brings back great memories for me too. He was so strong and a very handsome man. He has aged a lot in the past few years due to diabetes and it saddens me to see him deteriorating. Think I'll give him a call today. ;)
    Have a blessed and beautiful day sis.

  2. I loved seeing these pictures! Many great and wonderful memories with you and your family.
    I have learned many life lessons from all of you. Most importantly to love one another, and not judge.
    Love you.